Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe try a new category of replica watches

The launch of these special replica watches seems to be part of the campaign to re-attract customers, as the entire Swiss watch industry is facing a wave of precision watches from Japan. Cheaper and more accurate quartz watches have taken over the market, causing some popular brands to fall into trouble or temporarily disappear.

When replica Audemars Piguet or Patek Philippe tried a new category of watches, replica watches uk showed a more confusing move: it continued to introduce watches with unusual dials, such as walnut and stone dials, blue lapis lazuli, onyx...Although the thread was in It was not very convincing at the time, but today, it is very collectible.

The standard Day-date 18078, with a gold case, presidential bracelet, knurled bezel and replica Rolex's most advanced automatic movement at the time. How about Gia Bao Luxury's existing Day-date 18078 watch? This is a special design with many functions that make this machine unique in the world.

There is still a gap in this design, and there is still a three-link strap, but this shape is no longer familiar in the minds of the public. The Day-Date 18078 has a smaller bezel, which looks like a rubber band, and the center connection of the strap is also shown as a small horizontal groove.

Because it is so rare and clearly identifiable, this decoration is also called "bark veneer" like bark. Although sometimes regarded as rough and ugly, the bark is always an important part of the entire tree. The rougher the bark, the more mature, the rarer the wood. As a person, the older they are, the more experience they have.

Replica Rolex seems to have created a watch with exactly the same design. From the dial, the bezel to the Rolex Day-Date 18078 bracelet, all show classic beauty. The gold case gives full play to its beauty and makes the whole replica Rolex watch look absolutely outstanding, even if it was produced nearly 40 years ago. At present, the traces of the years on the Rolex Day-Date 18078 are also clearly visible, which is understandable.